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Natural Flavoring Concentrates

"Do Your Drink A Flavor!"

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Natural Flavoring Drops


Flavoring additives are sold Nationwide and in over 23 countries.  Flavor additives are used to enhance the taste of water, teas, coffee, dairy, dessert and even alcohol free drinks.  They are very affordable and very popular with health conscious consumers.

Our flavor concentrates are recommended by Dieticians & Nutritionists as the #1 healthy beverage solution to high caloric, sugary beverages.  Natural flavors, also called flavor drops are also a unique weight loss product, recommended for diabetics too. 

Did you know the "average consumer drinks over 450 calories a day from sodas, juices and high caloric beverages loaded with sugars or artificial sweeteners. That's an additional 29 pounds a year we either have to work off or gain in inches to our midsection"- N.C. University

Besides being the hottest new weight loss products, our natural flavoring concentrates taste great and are perfect for flavoring foods and beverages.

Yum Drops® flavoring uses natural flavors and just a just a hint of natural stevia sweetener to enhance the flavoring and not sweeten it.  Our products  contain:

  • 0 Carbs

  • 0 Calories

  • 0 Fats

  • 0 Salt

  • 0 Artificial Sweeteners

  • 0 Artificial Flavors

  • 0 Dyes/Coloring

When it comes to bolder flavoring, 10-12 drops is the answer.  You only need 4-6 drops per 8 oz serving if you prefer it subtle.  You control the taste profile you desire. Our 1/2 oz bottle of natural flavoring drops has 75 servings and makes over 5 gallons of your favorite flavored water when you use 4-6 drops.  35 servings if you like stronger flavoring.  In either case, that's only pennies a serving.

If you are a Dietician or Nutritionist, we have an area of interest for you as well as your weight loss customers and diabetes patients. Click on Medifast® testimony below the page to learn more.

We offer a wide variety of natural flavors like raspberry, orange/mango, raspberry, grape, strawberry & mixed berry for water and teas.  See our buy now page for over 50 flavors available.

We also have gourmet flavors for coffees like Belgium Chocolate, French Vanilla and Cinnamon Roll. Yum Drops® flavor additives can also be used to flavor dairy products like milk and yogurt and for low calorie desserts-just add a drop of natural caramel flavoring to an apple slice & you will know what we mean.

Drop some root beer in milk and the kid's will think they are drinking a root beer float.  Some of our best testimonials (see left side of this page) are from Mom's and Kid's.

"The aroma and taste of these flavor concentrates is heavenly."

Our alcohol-free flavor concentrates are becoming some of our most popular flavorings.  Alcohol free is perfect for dieters, diabetics and designated drivers. Our alcohol flavor concentrates deliver all of the taste of your favorite alcohol flavor, cordials or liqueurs with none of the alcohol. Try our natural dark rum flavoring in a cola or in a virgin Mojito, or our Irish crème, and amaretto in a cup of coffee.  These alcohol flavorings kick up the taste of your favorite adult Mocktails.

Try our natural flavoring drops for a unique flavoring and taste experience...and lose of few pounds annually!   Easy to carry and fun to use anytime- anywhere.  

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Yum Drops® “Do your drink a flavor”! - says it all”.  Our trademarked name was granted brand name and legal status back in 2004.  The Yum Drop® "Do your drink a flavor"! Trademark is for Goods and Services (G&S) as a flavor additive in liquid form.  That means in the flavor additive category for goods and services, Yum Drops® “Do your drink a flavor! is an original brand name and identity for flavoring additives Category.  Yum Drop® is not meant to be used directly in the mouth and is meant for it to be used as a flavor enhancer in your beverage or products of choice.

Yumdropsflavoring.com is the company URL address on the internet.  That is the website address you type in to search for and find yumdropsflavoring.com.  yumdropsflavoring.com is unique to us, when you want to find us to learn more about us or to buy products, just type in that address.   The full URL is www.yumdropsflavoring.com.

Flavor additive in liquid form is the (G&S) Goods and Services category our brand name Yum Drops® was given by Trademark office to describe the brand name.  Flavor additive in liquid form also describes the process of taking flavor concentrates and using the concentration to deliver the flavor experience after formulas are blended to deliver the optimum strength based on label directions of 4-6 drops for water flavors and 2-3 drops for coffees, teas and deserts.

Natural Flavoring drops for water brings an all natural fresh fruit taste of sweet and citrus fruit flavors to your water drinking pleasure.  Our flavoring drops for water enhance the taste experience and turns drinking water into a delightful experience.   The flavoring drops for water approach to enhancing flavors allows you to control the taste, the subtleness or the boldness of the flavoring by the amount of drops you put in.  Flavoring drops for water come in lemon, lemon/lime, acai, blueberry, cherry, kiwi, pomegranate cranberry to mention a few.

Flavoring additives for water and coffee is how our brand and our product are classified.  Flavoring additives for water and coffee are just that; flavoring.  Our product is a flavoring additive for water and coffee.

Natural Flavoring-there really is not better way to describe Yum Drops®.  All natural flavorings deliver on this promise.  The taste is great and there is not after tastes from artificial sweeteners or artificial flavorings.  All natural flavors are the end result of 4 years of product development so that we can bring to you the best all natural flavors on the market today. 

Flavored water- blend your flavored water.  1/2 oz bottle makes 5 gallons of flavored water.  You pick the flavoring concentrate, add number of drops to your liking, add 8 oz of water and you have the perfect flavored water.  You can make over 20 different flavored waters from our natural flavoring drops.

Original flavoring drops got it start back in 2004 when the United States Trademark office granted Yum Drops® a trademark with the slogan “Do your drink a flavor!  Our original flavoring drops have gone through blending and formulation development for over 4 years now.  Original flavor drops brings you the best all natural flavorings and taste experiences on the market.  Just a few of our original flavoring drops brings a unique tasting experience.  Try our original flavoring drops and we think you’ll agree with us when we say, Yum Drops® original flavoring drops are yummy!  Yum Drops® flavoring enhance almost anything and has also been referred to under these descriptors;

Flavoring additives and regulations of The Food Additives Labeling Regulation 1992

Flavoring concentrates and flavorings defined as natural flavoring concentrated