Yum Drops® natural flavoring for water and teas, with just a hint of stevia  natural sweetener to enhance the flavor experience.  Makes the perfect flavored water.

Our Flavor Pack for water and teas contains 3- 1/4 oz bottles of our best selling natural flavors; cranberry, lemon and berry. 

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Retail is $9.95 for 120 servings per flavor pack.  That's only pennies  a serving.  No artificial sweeteners.  Concentrates contain just a hint of natural stevia to enhance the flavoring experience and not to sweeten the taste.  All products are shipped with Tamper Proof-Safety Seals©.   Products have no artificial sweeteners and contain natural stevia to enhance the flavor experience.

 Yum Drops® "Do Your Drink a Flavor" is 1/2 oz of your favorite flavoring in a food grade quality, Boston Round bottle.  Product retails for $6.95 and there are 75 servings per bottle, only pennies a serving.  Our Signature  natural flavoring drops enhance the taste of water and hot/cold teas.

Easy and fun to use and truly deliver on both fresh fruit tastes and aromas.   You control the strength by number of drops you use.  Our products have 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 fat, O Salt.  You can carry them in your purse, pocket or throw them in your golf bag- when you wished you had something to drink that tastes great. 

Typical shipping charges are $4.85 per order. All orders ship within 7-10 business days.  

Blending perfect flavored water starts with 8 oz of tap water and your favorite flavoring concentrates to taste.  You control strength of flavoring by the number of drops you use.  It's simple and a low cost alternative to bottled flavored waters you find on the shelf.  1/2 oz bottle makes 5 gallon of flavored water.  Learn more about flavored water...

You can also use natural flavoring drops to enhance the flavors of sodas, dairy products, desserts, cocktails, etc.  Check out our natural flavorings for dairy and desserts from welcome page link.

Besides natural flavors, we also use just a dash of stevia, natural sweetener to enhance the flavoring experience, not to sweeten the taste.  That's about 5 drops per gallon of natural stevia sweetener.  Right now, all diet sodas and beverages contain some type of artificial sweeteners.  The trend that is sparking the food and beverage industry is being driven by the good health conscience.  That product is stevia; a natural sweetener. 

stevia is virtually calorie-free and 300 hundreds times sweeter than table sugar. That's why it appeals to so many people - stevia is a healthy and safe alternative for Diabetics.  stevia is an all natural organic herb product. It contains NO saccharin, aspartame, fructose, sugar, F.O.S., maltodextrin or artificial sweetener

The anatomy of a flavor involves 3 components:  the flavor, the carrier/solvent, other ingredients.  A water soluble carrier is the most common component in flavoring formulas even though it may or may not be listed, because of small amounts used.  Here's what a water soluble carrier like polypropylene glycol does:

  • Makes flavoring soluble

  • Provides stable environment for the flavor

  • Shelf life-stability

  • User friendly

  • Our approved nutrient label does not even list a water soluble even though we sometimes list it on the bottle based on directions from our suppliers. 

  • Our shelf life is 7-12 months though little intensity in flavoring is lost after a year

  • poly-glycol is one of the three most popular carriers today-prevents bacterial growth in formulas

When it comes to drinking water, the fact of the matter is, water just tastes bland the more you drink.  Yum Drops® makes drinking water a more pleasurable experience.  You can keep the taste light and subtle or make it bold and strong. The one thing about proper hydration is you need to drink plenty of water.  Water is the "true thirst quencher".  You can't substitute diet sodas or coffee and teas because they are made up of water.  These products also de-hydrate you .  Our products help promote drinking more water and while delivering fresh fruit tastes and aromas.  That makes drinking more water a lot easier to do!

We like to call Yum Drops® flavoring "The Perfect Diet Drink".  Water and natural flavoring drops gives you a great taste and 0 carbs, 0 Fat, 0 Calories.

For the Kids in all of us, try our Kids flavor collection; cherry, root beer, grape, orange and bubble gum!!!

Besides our own empirical shelf life testing, we use third party industry experts that blend and validate flavor formulas, blend flavors and regulatory compliance in labeling and continued shelf life testing.   We have been conducting shelf life testing since 2004, with different formulations.  Our current formulations have a shelf life testing of 6 months, and we could easily recommend 7-12 months with little to no loss in flavoring strength at this time.  We will continually update our findings.

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Gourmet flavoring with natural  stevia; 0 calories, fat, carbs".  The Perfect Diet Drink".  If you are looking to loose weight and have better health, look no further.  Nothing is better for you than water.  It helps you with dieting and at the same time promotes good health. 

All Natural Sweetener, stevia is great for low calorie diets.  It has no carbs, no fat and no calories.  That's why diabetics like it.  Soon, most diet beverages will be using stevia as their natural sweetener of choice. 

stevia also called sweet leaf derives its name from a plant that produces sweetness on the leaves.   Sometime referred to as sweet leaf.  stevia is claimed to be 300 times stronger than sugar.  gras stevia, generally regarded as safe can be used as an ingredient.  stevia is the hottest nest trend in beverages.

stevia all natural sweetener;  is 300 times stronger than table sugar.

Sugar substitutes, stevia is one of the best sugar substitutes and great for dieters looking for no calories and a better solution to sugar substitutes.

Diet beverage;  what could be better than a gourmet taste that has no calories?  The more you drink, the less  you eat

No calorie beverage is plain and simply water.  The best thirst quencher, weight loss catalyst and good health promoter.

Diabetic drinks and beverages