Flavoring Additives

Food additives and flavor additives

The Food Additives Labeling Regulations 1992
Governed by the Food Safety Act of 1990

First lets review briefly in common terms what a food additive are.  Second we will review why Yum Drops® flavoring additives are exempt from the food safety act.  Finally I will reproduce the actual food additives labeling regulation for your reviewing pleasure so you can get the exact descriptions, definitions and exemptions.

Food Additives in simple terms are foods not normally consumed by themselves or used as an ingredient.  That's the simplest description of food additives.  Yum Drops® are described as flavoring additives.  A flavoring additive by definition is similar to a food additive but in this particular case, the flavor additive is added to another food product, in this case as a flavoring.  Food additives and flavoring additives are exempt from The Food Safety Act, once it has become part of the other food product.

Yum Drops® flavoring additives are used with other foods and beverages to enhance the flavor experience.  Our flavor additives are not meant to be consumed directly in the mouth.  The flavor additives  are not intended to be used in that fashion nor are Yum Drops® flavoring additives meant to be a breadth refresher.

Yum Drops® "Do your drink a flavor is a 2004 Registered Trademark as an food additive, flavoring additive.  While we follow all Federal Labeling requirements for our flavor additives, we exempt from the Food Safety Act of 1990.

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