Flavored Teas                                

Appreciating the virtues of fine teas blended with flavor drops for tea

The Perfect Flavored Teas...From the Perfect Flavored Drops For Teas

Novice sippers and tea aficionados alike confirm the advantage of both blending the perfect tea and adding their favorite natural flavoring of choice.  They prefer it not too sweet and not too flavorful.  It's first about the tea and second about the flavorings.  Both the novice and the expert appreciate a flavored blended tea. Yum Drops® flavoring concentrates lets you add the perfect balance of flavor drops to teas.

Our flavoring drops for teas are the same concentrates we use for water, with a couple of differences and exceptions.  They contain natural flavoring concentrates, use just a dash of stevia to enhance the flavor experience and not sweeten it. The exceptions are pretty simple in that they are the flavor drops that belong with teas.  We've dropped some of the fantasy flavors and flavor drops that appeal to the kids in all of us.

Apple Blackberry Acai Berry Cherry Cranberry

Grape Lemon Lemon/Lime Lime Mango

Mint Mango/Passion Fruit Strawberry Orange Mixed Berry



Pomegranate Grape      

Our natural flavor drops for teas uses just a hint of stevia natural sweetener to enhance the flavoring experience, not to sweeten the flavoring.

Here's a quick glance at the natural flavoring drops for teas to choose from: 

So how exactly do you make the perfect flavored tea?  Some people prefer their flavored teas on the subtle side, others like it bold. Personally I like my flavored tea right in the middle.  Our flavor drops for tea has 75 servings per 8 oz cup, that's only pennies a serving.  Easy to carry and use anytime anywhere.

Start with your favorite Yum Drops® natural flavorings for teas. Here's the big difference.  Remember, it's first about the tea flavor, second comes the flavoring.  Pour 8 oz or 1 cup of tea into a cup. Start with 2 drops and taste. If it’s too subtle, start over with 8 more oz of tea and use 3 drops. If your tea is strong, repeat the process with 8 oz of tea and start with 1 flavor drop.

Repeat process until you’ve reached the perfect blend of flavored tea. That is what we call your target zone or benchmark. Then all you need to know is how much tea you have and use the appropriate number of flavor drops for your taste. If you start with 12 oz and the perfect flavored drop for teas is 2 drops, you will need 3 drops for the perfect blended flavored tea.

Some days I like my flavored tea stronger than other days.  Just increase the flavor drops from your bench mark and presto. The perfect flavored tea when and where you want, and exactly how you like it.  You have the perfect blend each and every time based on your tastes for the day. 

Here’s another major benefit and major feature of using our flavoring concentrates. You can take it with you wherever you go and use anywhere, anytime.  Easy to carry and fun to use anytime anywhere.  Makes any tea taste better.

We have over 17 natural flavors to choose from.  Maybe this morning you feel like lemon flavored tea, perhaps its lemon/lime in the afternoon or pomegranate for the antioxidants in good health in the evening.  The choice is yours.

One of our 1/2 oz bottles of flavor drops for teas makes 75 servings of your favorite flavored tea. 

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